S1P Cat and Dog Water Fountain

Love Your Pet With The Cleanest And Freshest Water!

This Drinking Fountain Will Keep Your Pet Safe From Tap Water illness...

★Worldwide Delivery★

🔹Give your pet BETTER tasting water Ready To Drink

🔹Built-In blue LED light for your pet drink easier at night.

🔹Flowing water ATTRACTS pets to drink MORE water to keep them hydrated

🔹Perfect for ANY PET - cats, small and medium-sized dogs, hamster, guinea pig, rabbit, ferret, puppies etc.

🔹Do not disturb the sleeping pet SUPER SILENT & LOW POWER CONSUMPTION

🔹High-performance carbon filters Remove magnesium, calcium, chlorine, odors, and bacteria from tap water, and retains stray hairs, sediment, and debris.

🔹 This pump runs SUPER quiet, with 2w low power consumption.Can run for 20,000 hours

🔹Equipped with blue LED light for visibly clear no one kick his finger at night

🔹EASY wash and clean simply hand-wash each part with natural soap

🔹Non-toxic and BPA-FREE plastic design, keep your pets and yourself SAFE

🔹Water Capacity: 1.8L/60ounces, ALWAYS have fresh water ready to drink

🔹Contains an ultra-fine charcoal filter that eliminates impurities,

🔹Your family pets deserve healthy water!

🔹blue LED Light Can Choose to Turn OFF and ON as you want.


🔹The Drinking Fountain NOT include the cats 🤣😂



1. Rinse the filter with water thoroughly before use and replace it every 2-4 weeks to maintain water freshness. 
2. Please do not make the water exceed the line port position, in case water flow over the floor. 
3. Clean the pump in half month and replacement of water when the water is below the 1/4 capacity. 


  • With LED Light Feature
  • Auto shut off when water gets low
  • Water Capacity: 1.8L/60ounces
  • Size: L25 x W19.5 x H11cm / 10 x 8 x 4 inches
  • Voltage:220V