Push Up Sweat Neoprene Vest

Sweat Your Way To A Perfect Figure!

Made out of a Perfect Blend of Neoprene and Nylon, this product's sole purpose is Increase Core Temperature to Make You Sweat in Just the Right Places.

The First Layer Produces the Sweat, the Second Layer Absorbs the Moisture and the Third Evaporates the Sweat So You Remain Dry and Always Comfortable.


  • High Intensity Compression Technology
  • Super Soft and Comfortable
  • Increases Core Temperature to Make You Sweat
  • Easily Washable and Wearable
  • Wear it Any Day, Any Time
  • Feel Slender and Young Again
  • Maximize Workout Results


  • Lifts, shapes and smoothes your mid section using comfortable compression, advanced seaming and innovative thermal reduction.
  • Interior shaping support accentuates your curves without any unwanted bumps and bulges (no more love handles!)
  • Accentuates breasts and hourglass shape.