off-road remote control crawler car

Some RC cars out there are very basic and offer only limited control of your vehicle.
With our unique model you have more versatility and more options for jumps and stunts.
We performed a series of tests on the performance, design and remote features of the vehicle.
Our performance tests centered on top speed and handling features that are very important for these vehicles.
We also analyzed the performance, complexity and ease of use of each controller.
Made of high quality materials with strong shockproof car body.
Helps reduce any possible damage caused by accident.
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1.High power motor, makes it easy to operate and control

2. 2.4GHz control system, ensures the strong anti-jamming capability

3.Function: forward, backward, turn left, turn right,can climb 5cm high obstacles,can climb the 90 degree angle of the wall.

4.Four-wheel independent suspension system, shockproof, better protect the truck

5.Oversized tires,even in mud,mountain roads,shallow water,grass,paving,can easily through,let you infinite enjoy crazy off-road.