Motorcycle Smart Throttle Lock

Wondering how to secure your motorcycle? It is time to add anti-theft deterrent to your two-wheeler with the Motorcycle Smart throttle Lock. It can be adjusted and designed to fit all motorcycles that are available in the market today!

Security at its best

Whenever you park your motorcycle in public places, you might be worried of its safety. Sometimes you have to avoid parking in some places due to security concerns.

We have a solution for this! You don’t have to worry about safety!!

This Motorcycle Smart Throttle Lock will safeguard your motorcycle and you can have peace of mind.

Carry on the go

Portability is important as you may have to travel to different places. You can carry this throttle lock conveniently. This will allow you to feel secure during your travels.

How it works?

This smart lock clamps the throttle grip and front brake lever. This prevents throttle grip from spinning. There is no chance for anyone to tamper the lock and ride away.


This smart throttle lock is specially crafted to fit all motorcycles and scooters. You can also use this lock with cruisers, street bikes, ATV, dirt bikes and even jet ski or snowmobiles.

It can fit all the motorcycle models from popular brands like Harley-Davidson, BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki and others.

Another good thing is this smart lock can work well with your other motorcycle alarms.

Wherever your travels take you can be sure that your two-wheeler is secure

This smart throttle lock is a must-have for anyone who loves his or her motorcycle!

Click the buy it now button to secure your motorcycle today!