Magnetic Window Cleaning Glider


For over two decades, we have been developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative home cleaning tools of highest quality that make life easier. As a customer oriented company, we use only high quality and all natural materials that make our products durable, maintenance free and pleasant to use.

Sparkling windows, inside and out, with just a few swipes!

Clean Every Pane Painlessly!

The D2 model is designed to wash thick, double-glazed windows anywhere from 0.3 to 0.7 inches thick. Please ensure you get a properly sized Glider for your home’s windows.

About The Glider

Durable Rare Earth Magnets

Tyroler’s Glider cleaners are the must-have washing accessory for windows on multilevel homes, high-rise apartments, dorms, and office buildings. Each Glider features four of the most powerful permanent magnets ever made, known as rare Earth magnets. Not only will the magnets last forever, but they’ll also maintain their strength so you can count on the indoor portion of your Glider to cling to the outdoor portion with the same amount of sparkle-spreading strength every time.

Wash and Dry Hard-to-Reach Spots

So how does Tyroler’s Glider expertly clean windows? Double-sided squeegee technology on both the outdoor and indoor portions of the glider effectively spread around glass cleaning solution and then wipe clean all the unwanted dirt and grime. Tough, 100% natural rubber never breaks down, so you’ll enjoy fresh looking, streak-free windows again and again.