LED Cabinet Light 10 Pack

  • Utilizes LEDs which has a brighter light than an ordinary light bulb. Plus, no expensive electric bills to pay for, it is fully battery powered.
  • Another awesome feature of this Helpful LED Sensor Light is its sensor. The sensor adds a great convenience to you for every time you open the cabinet, the light will automatically turn on.
  • Install it and imagine the relief and money you could save. When the Helpful LED Sensor Light is inside your cabinet there is no need for a flashlight or cell phone in finding things. 
  • Using its sharp edge screw bolt, just twist the Helpful LED Sensor Light on your cabinet at ease and sweat-free.


Product parameters:

Material: ABS

Color of light : Warm White,White

LED Quantity: 3pcs

Size: 65mm  x 38mm 

Power supply: 23A 12V battery(not included)




1*Hinges Light

1*Fix the screw