DIY 5D Seasons Tree Diamond Mosaic

(This is a diamond painting kit and you need to paint this by yourself) 

If life were a painting and you were the artist. What would you paint? A favorite pet?  A landscape ? A portrait? A flower? a still life or an abstract?  

Would you hang them on your wall? at the center of your office? in your heart? 

This is your life. Paint a bold picture. Make it a masterpiece! 

Use this 5D Diamond Painting Kit to be more creative, more mindfulness, more happy, more joy, to nurture your artistic and less stress! 

What's 5D Diamond Painting? 

Diamond painting is a fun and relaxing activity for adults who love crafting! It's basically paint by numbers, but with tiny diamond-like resin rhinestones instead of paint. Applying the diamonds is a three-step process that's super easy and meditative. Lose yourself in your artwork for hours and end up with a sparkling design you can be proud to hang on your wall!