Deep Cleaning Facial Steamer


This nano-ion face facial steamer can deeply cleanse skin, remove toxins, nourish the skin, improve cell viability, promote the nose sinuses drainage and overall improvement of the airway so that you can easily enjoy the nano-ion vapor beauty treatment at home.



  • Deeply Cleans the Skin- Increase skin cleansing effectiveness by 10 times.  Opens and unclogs pores, clean more thoroughly.
  • Makes it easier for toner, cream and other nutrients to be absorbed.  Makes your natural skin shiny. 
  • Replenishes Moisture - One simple push produces superfine steam particles to penetrate deep into the skin and replenish natural moisture, leaving your face exceptionally hydrated.
  • Makeup Lasts Longer- Steaming before skin care routine will help your skin absorb toner, serum and moisturizer completely; makeup application afterwards will be much easier and last longer.  


  1. Can replenish the face's missing moisture effectively and keep a moisture balance in the skin skin, reduce wrinkles and make skin moist and more elastic.
  2. Can clear the hair follicles and discharge the grease, dirt and dust from pores, and also can kill bacteria acne effectively and prevent acne in the future.
  3. Promotes the blood circulation of face and skin, sends moisture inside of the skin cells through the tiny blood vessels and make the skin smooth/tender.
  4. Can relieve cold symptoms, have therapeutic effects for the eye, ear, and nose.
  5. Can add spices and essential oils to the steamer so you can enjoy aromatherapy sauna at home.


  • Weight: 900g.
  • Voltage: 220V.
  • Size: 130 x 240mm.

Package Include:

  • 1 x Water Bottle.
  • 1 x Power Adapter.
  • 1 x Facial Steamer.