2018 Eco-Leather With Built-in Hiney Trainer Lifts and Supports

2018 NON-Animal Leather Pants With A Built-in Hiney Trainer X Edition™ Lifts & Supports For A Flattering Fit!

Get our stylish 2018 Eco-Leather ( Animal Friendly! ) pants with Hiney Trainer X Edition Built-in.

You will feel like you are walking the runway every time you Rock these. Soft and plush slim cut leggings are made to hug your curves and lift your Tush. Thats right these are so comfortable and stretch so nicely, it's like you're wearing a second skin. Also with the built-in Hiney Trainer X Edition simply wearing these pants will help put your Gluteus Maximus muscles in a higher position activating your memory muscle.

Anytime you wear these you are training your Tush muscles to stay in place. They are lined up with a super soft fleece material and the waist part is so well made so you can move, bend, stretch, squat, and whatever and these babies move right along with you. With built in Hiney Trainer X Edition™ lifter and support for a flattering fit. Instantly start to shape your rear into that perfect position to take advantage muscle memory and get results faster when you are out and about with these pants.

Super stylish and comfy, these Eco-Leather leggings are made from a NON-Animal (We love animals!) High Quality Fabric that gives you the feel of supple leather without hurting any furry guys. They are so well made and hug your skin but don't feel like they are going to bust at the seems. Built with 4 way stretch fabric these will fit you like a glove!